A simple service on filtration system

Simple Service on a System.


Halifax, HX6

A System Service

This is a service we did on a system that we installed eighteen months ago. The customer was very keen for us to complete the service to ensure their system didn’t have another leak. On the previous service we discovered that there was a leak in the system. As part of our service we interrogate the valve to give us outputs such as peak flow rate, total flow rate, daily usage etc. we discovered that the valve had been passing 16,000 litres per day and that this is not possible for a family of 5, with standard domestic water usage. Water usage such as this indicates a leak somewhere along the supply. We knew our system was not leaking, so the loss must be in the supply prior to treatment. The leak was discovered in a pipe underground. Had it not been for the valve, this issue would have remained undiscovered. This is not the first time these valves have alerted us to a problem either on the supply or within the system.

We use cartridge filtration on an untreated supply that is used to fill water bowsers used by local farmers. These are used to remove particulate iron. The treatment system itself is ion exchange for dissolved iron, manganese and hardness, followed by a pre-filter and UV to eliminate bacteria.

First of all, we changed the UV pre-filter cartridge, the one on the right is after 6 months of use, this amount of staining on the pre-filter is acceptable, it only shows trace amounts of Iron after over 125,000 litres of water has passed through it.

Next, we serviced the valves. This is the before and after, we made sure we got rid of the build-up of iron to ensure good flow rates during service and backwash cycles. This should be done a minimum of once per year.

We changed the UV and Quartz sleeve and carried out some on site testing to ensure the Hardness, Manganese, Iron, Conductivity and pH was all within the private water supply regulations limitations. If they were close to the limits, we would take water samples to be sent to a laboratory for a full analysis. On site testing is just an indicator for us.

When a system is designed correctly and serviced regularly, they work. If your system isn’t doing what you expect, give us a call and we will be happy to help.